About Danesh Gostar Kooh E Noor institute

The first specialized center licensed by the Ministry of Science to study in Spain

Danesh Gostar Kooh E Noor institute officially launched its activities in 2008. The ongoing effort and academic activities of the institute concerning academic consultation, admission, and visa process for applicants led the company soon to find its prominent place among the similar institutes.
Now after more than 9 years of ongoing activities, the highest level of service in comparison with all similar institutes, has been assigned to this institute.
The continues activities of the company has led it to be known as the first and only specialized center for sending students to Spain and Portugal authorized by ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. It paves the way for applicants to fulfill their ideals, on one hand, and it keeps costumers’ satisfaction and mutual respect in its agenda, on the other hand.

Learning Spanish Language,English,German

Online & Traditional Classes

Danesh Gostar Kooh E Noor institute officially launched its activities regarding sending abroad students to the most credible universities of Spain and Portugal in 2008. In line with developing the services to students, by the target of upgrading students’ language level, this institute holds off course of learning Spanish and English.Why Danesh Gostar Koohe Noor Language Institute?

  • Determine the counselor and the constant pursuit of student status until the end of the course
  • Teaching and assessing students according to the latest methods of linguistics by experienced teachers
  • Educational system based on the Communicative Approach
  • Designing specific courses to suit the learner status
  • The presence of trained, experienced, and qualified staff
  • Sparsely populated classes, friendly and student-based environment
  • Provide extracurricular activities to enhance students’ knowledge


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