Danesh Gostar Kooh e Noor institute is proud that for the first time in Iran will begin for getting footballs academies admission from the best and most credible Spains football academies for all different groups of ages, in order to advance footballs academic, research and technical standards.

These periods includes:

  1. Learning Football in Spains best Football schools in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and …
  2. Holidays tours of visiting the best sport stadiums in the world Santiago Bernabéu and Camp Nou)
  3. Visit of Spains large cities and tourism tours
  4. The full support of applicant in Visas process
  5. Transfer services between the residence, place of practice, and airport
  6. Registering in high schools related to Football schools where educations are English or Spanish
  7. Residency in a room with 1 or 1 roommates along with breakfast, lunch and dinner
  8. Learning Spanish language along with practicing football
  9. Holding daily classes of Footballs theories
  10. Daily practices of Football by the supervision of the best Spains football coaches
  11.  Insurance of health services for players
  12. Travelling to other European countries for visiting and practicing with important European teams
  13. Taking participate in Football matches n Professional and semi-professional Spains league
  14.  Other extracurricular programs such as swimming, equitation, golf and so on …
  15. Professional academic periods of goalkeeping

Dear concerned can make a call to institutes office to get more information in this regard.