Please carefully read the following for the virtual courses of the Daneshgostar Koohe Noor Institute:

1 First, you need to provide the equipment you need, you can go to the equipment section at the Institute site.

2 By clicking on the Online Classroom Curriculum, select the language of your choice, and then you can attend these courses according to the registration link in the online language courses and to fill out the registration form and tuition fees.

3 The capacity of each class is up to 10 people, each semester includes 24 hours. Classes are formed one day and two days a week.

4 The cost of the company in the test is 100,000 thousand Rials, and the time of participation in the determination of the level test, then by e-mail and SMS is announced to them.

5 The Online classes of the Koohe noor Institute during the week are organized according to the online language training curriculum at all levels.

6 At the beginning of the courses, if the reached the limit, the user name and password of the e-learning system will be sent to learners along with a guide to working with the software on the e-mail and e-mail.

7 For the benefit of those who could not attend classes online, the link downloaded class will be sent to them. This way users who have not been able to attend the class can use the topics discussed in the class.

8 We recommend using the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser for the best fit with Flash Player.

9 When the teacher loads a file or text file, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the class content can be loaded with a bit of a pause.

10 In the event of any accident during the course of the online courses, all participants will be notified.

11 Video tutorials work with the software for students who sign up to be e-mailed as a PDF file.

12 Admission Requirement At the end of each course, the required score is the grade for that course, which is determined by the presence in the virtual classroom, the assignments delivered during the course, and the grades of the tests, especially the final exam.

If you have any questions about the online courses of the Kooh-e-Noor Institute, you can not find the answer, go to the website of the Koohe Noor Institute and consult online, so that it can be answered promptly by the experienced experts of the institute.