Resume Writing (Resume Sample)

Providing a proper resume is important. Written and inexhaustible resume is also one of the important issues in preparing a resume.

A resume or a resume is said to indicate that the background, skills, and occupation and some details of the life of a person are included so that companies and employers can decide on a person’s employment by studying it.

In other words, the multi-page text resumes contain information and personal information that is provided to employers before the interview and allows them to have an initial assessment of your job skills. In fact, the resume should provide the reader with a mental picture of you and your career activities.

There is a difference between the resume and CV (Curriculum Vitae). Resume is a summary of your experiences, which is usually better than two pages. But the CV is at least two pages long and will include more details of research experiences, published articles, academic records, honors, and more details on the work.

If you have a history of scientific research, you should use the CV. Otherwise, do not leave your resume title CV.