Danesh Gostar Koohe Noor institutes internet shop is available for all dear students by the link of

Among all benefits of this shop, the possibility of the following payments can be mentioned:

1-    Individual Consultation *

2-    Phone Consultation *

3-    Visa Consultation

4-    Distance Contracts fee (Pre-contracts fee 1/300/000 Toman)

* Specialized Individual and Phone consultations fee is 10/000 Toman. This type of consultation is specialized and will be performed individually for every person and takes about 45 minutes.

Shopping Help

For shopping from Internet shop, follow the following steps:

  • Membership in Shop: For shopping in institutes internet shop, you must first be a member of the shop.

Completion the memberships form: In order to be a member of the shop, you should complete the memberships form. Please pay attention to fill in stared fields (*).

  • Choosing the Product: Choose your selected product and add it to shopping basket.
  • Finish Shopping: After making sure about shopping the selected product, click on Finish Shoppings icon.

Payment: Payment will be performed in Institutes shop by three ways:

  1. Credit Payment: In this type of payment the required amount will be reduced from the customers credit.

What is the customers credit? It is the balance account which the customer has in Institutes internet shop which will be achieved through accounts charging. After entering the website, be typing your username and password, select “Control Panel” at the right corner of the page, and after entering the next page click on “Charging the Account”. After clicking on this option you must enter the considered amount in the next page and then select “Charging through Mellat Bank” or “Charging through Band Receipt” and click on “Charging the Account”.

 If you want to pay the amount through your credit card, it is necessary to mention that by having the credit card of any bank you can charge your account through Mellat Bank. For doing this, enter the considered amount and select the option of “Charging through Mellat Bank”. After choosing, click on “Charging the Account” and enter the information of your card and complete the buying process.

If you have paid the considered amount through bank receipt, here you can select the option of “Charging through Bank Receipt” and enter the considered amount, then click on “Charging the account”. In the new page enter the Receipt Number and other information and wait for confirmation.

  1. Payment through Bank Receipt: In this type of payment you can pay your considered amount through Bank receipt to the bank account and enter the information of your receipt in shops system.

Mellat Bank (JAM)

Account Number: 92150628

Card Number: 6104 3370 2100 8295

SHABA Number: IR89 0120 0000 0000 0092 1506 28

To: Seyyed Mohammad Hosein Shokrollahi

Parsian Bank

Account Number: 800-1139180-0

Card Number: 6221 0610 3527 4648

SHABA Number: IR80 0540 1085 8000 1139 1800 00

To: Seyyed Mohammad Hosein Shokrollahi

Saman Bank

Account Number: 807-800-1160466-1

Card Number: 6219 8610 0891 7550

SHABA Number: IR22 0560 0807 8000 1160 4660 01

To: Seyyed Mohammad Hosein Shokrollahi

  1. Online Payment: In this type of payment you will be connected directly to Saman or Mellat Bank system and will pay your considered amount. Bear in mind that all users which have cards membered in SHETAB system and have the ability of online payment, can pay the amount through Saman or Mellat Banks port.

If you are intended to pay the consultations fee online (you have card which are members n SHETAB system), select the option of (Payment through Mellat bank). (For doing this, you must have the second password and CVV2, if you do not have this information, gain it by referring to the bank).

Then in the new opened menu, select Phone/individual option for choosing the send type.

If you select the option of payment through Mellat bank, click on (Payment) to enter Mellat bank website. (If you have the card of any bank which is SHETAB members, you can buy in this way).

Bear in mind that note the transaction number (referee) and factor number after payment and after that call Institutes phone number (02144272450) and announce the numbers to the Institutes experts to check you payment as soon as possible.