For online register or personal classes, please follow the steps below

1. Dear Applicants If you are planning to attend Spanish courses, please read the German General Curriculum and find the title of the course you are interested in

2.  In order to know the dates and times of the courses, see the timetable for Spanish courses / Schedule for English courses / Timetable for German courses and choose the course code for the course-

3.  You can pay your tuition in several ways: (through deposit to an account or an institution card / via the institution’s online store / via a card reader located at the office of the institution)-

4.  Then fill out the information about the booking form of the language of the institution-

5.  Be sure to contact the institution office so that one of the language registration authorities will confirm your registration-

6.  Prepare the following documents and visit the office for final registration. You can also bring these documents on the day of the beginning of the class and deliver it to the department of registration of the language department of the institute

Required Documents for Registration

A photocopy of a birth certificate
A national card photocopy sheet
A piece of photo 4 * 3 personnel
Completed registration form (given to you by the registration officer in person)