Short Message System (SMS)

In order to facilitate a fast and on-time informing of institutes news and programs, presenting each applicants situation to him/her and in fact providing faster connection between dear applicants and institutes administrators, Danesh Gostar Kooh e Noor institutes short message system has been initialized.

Now dear applicants can help us in improving our servicing by presenting their ideas through Short Message System to the number of 30008596.

Another benefit of this service is that those applicants who have made contracts with Danesh Gostra Koohe Noor institute in every hour of day and night can be informed about their cases situation just by sending message to this service. In order to do this, they just need to send their 10-digit ID code without dash (Example: 0071234567) to the short message system and be informed about their last situation in every hour of the day.

By initiating this system, we hope to have a closer relationship between applicants and Danesh Gostar Koohe Noor institutes administrators, to act more carefully in processing our policies.