Study in Spain

Study in Spain

Studying in Spain

Studying in Spain is a valuable experience that makes new people from all over the world familiar with each other. By studying in other countries, in addition to social interaction that takes place between people, students become acquainted with other cultures and gain new experiences. There are more than 70 universities throughout Spain, of which 50 are public universities and other private universities. Most of these universities are located in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Spanish universities are in a very good position both in terms of academic level and global rankings. For example, the University of Barcelona and The Autonomous University of Madrid, with global ratings below 200, and other well-known universities each year, welcome foreign students.

Benefits of studying in Spain

Studying in Spain, both at public and private universities, is possible both in Spanish and in English. Education in this country is less costly than other European countries, which is one of the best benefits to studying in Spain. Students will also be allowed to work while studying in Spain. The low cost of living and the cost of studying in Spain, as well as having work permit while studying, makes it easy for students to spend. Students can cover their expenses by earning money.

Spanish universities are usually equipped with student dormitories inside or outside the campus, which is very important for foreign students. While studying in Spain, students can easily choose their accommodation from different options. They can also hire after arriving in Spain at a pre-booked location. There are various lifestyle welfare options available to students where students can have good and comfortable student life.

One of the main reasons why students choose foreign countries to continue their education is learning another language. In this regard, it is impossible to ignore studying in Spain. Spanish is the second language in terms of number of speakers. By living in Spain and learning the language of your wedding, surely after graduation and obtaining a degree from Spanish universities, your resume will be significantly enhanced.

The cost of studying in Spain

It should be noted that the cost of studying in Spain at government universities is determined by educational institutions at the regional level. So across Spain, there may be a slight cost change in each region. However, in all areas costs are much lower than in other European countries. Of course, the cost of studying at Spanish private universities is more expensive.

The cost of college education in Spain

Before completing the undergraduate degree in state-funded universities, which is almost free, you must complete college courses as a short-term course. The cost of studying at a Spanish college level is € 2,000 upwards, varying from university to university, and you can refer to this page for more information about colleges in Spain.

The cost of undergraduate Spanish studies

The length of the Spanish undergraduate course is 3 to 4 years, and the cost of studying in Spain varies depending on the field and the university, but the cost of undergraduate Spanish studies is almost free, which costs a very low level compared to other European countries; The average cost of undergraduate education is between three thousand and five thousand euros.

The cost of studying in Spanish Master's degree

The Spanish Postgraduate course offered as a Bachelor and PhD course involves a very small fee for students, while a one-year course of this course, along with a very low cost, always has the benefits of studying in Spain. In addition to the low cost of education for you, it will cost you less living expenses.
The cost of studying at the Ph.D. in Spain

The duration of the Spanish PhD degree is 3 to 5 years, and after 3 years, students can defend a PhD thesis. The cost of studying at the Ph.D. in Spain is free and only the cost to the individual will be related to the insurance and student services and will be settled annually with students. It costs around 400 to 700 euros a month.

The Daneshgar Kourou Nour Institute with more than 12 years of brilliant background in obtaining admission and a student visa is ready to serve its students in Spain. The Institute's consultants always try to provide the best guidance to the students. For advice on Spanish immigrant backgrounds, Spanish visa requirements. Our advisers are ready to provide the best advice and service to the enthusiasts.

The cost of a dorm in Spain

The cost of Spanish dormitories, like most of the student welfare centers, is different. You can live in multiplayer units or have a more independent life for a fee. But the total cost of dormitories in Spain is between 300-500 euros a month. A large part of the cost of living in Spain depends on the cost of your chosen place of residence.

In this section, we would like to provide some brief explanations regarding the study in Spain in different fields and levels:
Study at colleges in Spain

It should be noted that Spanish diplomas can only be obtained with a degree. The language of study is Spanish Spanish colleges. Without a language proficiency, you can apply for Spanish colleges in various cities of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Malaga, ... or other major cities. In this regard, the consultants of the Daneshgar Kouh Nour Institute are ready to serve the students interested in studying in Spanish colleges.

Studying in Spain at the undergraduate level

For graduate studies in Spain, you can also apply for admission without a language certificate for most fields of study, in which case our advisers will provide additional information for your loved ones. Also, the duration of the master's degree in Spain is two years. Studying at the senior Spanish level, students will be able to continue their PhD studies.

Study in Ph.D. in Spain

Postgraduate study in Spain is a great opportunity because the cost of studying at this point is very small. In fact, students do not pay for doctoral studies and can study almost free. The duration of PhD in Spain is between 3 and 5 years. Applicants at the Ph.D. level can also receive a Spanish scholarship. There are some scholarships that may be eligible for Ph.D. students.

Medical Education in Spain

To enter Spanish medical courses, the first step is to have sufficient Spanish knowledge, because your study is in Spanish, then you must choose whether you want to study at a public or private university.
Spanish private universities, although easier to enter, are more credible than government universities, and you need to pay more, but the credibility of the Spanish state universities is greater and the important issue that can be considered is their input, and you You are required to take a college course in which you can attend state university examinations, and keep in mind that Spanish medical education will take six years. For more information, see the Medical Education page in Spain for more information.

Studying Dentistry in Spain

Studying dentistry in Spain requires a volunteer to have a diploma and an experimental pre-diploma. It is worth noting that you can study dental studies in Spain in both spanish and English. The time required to study dentistry in Spain is 5 years. Studying in this field is also possible at private and public universities, and you can choose between them based on your academic and financial conditions.
For more information, see the Dental Education page in Spain for more detailed information.

Required Documents for Spanish Student Visa

Degrees plus excerpts
Certificate of Study if Applicant Applicant
Copy and original passport
Language Certificate
Copy and original identity card
Health certificate
Introducing a credible account to prove financial backing

Required Documents for Admission to Spanish Universities

Official translation of all degrees (encyclopedia and micrograms)
Translation of birth certificate
Scan from passport first page
Academic Resume
Work experience (if any)
SOP personal incentive
Present Proposal
International papers and conferences, if any
English language proficiency if available (TOEFL - IELTS)

Living in spain

With the study of Spain, you can enjoy the benefits of living in this country. Spain is in Europe and Madrid is the capital of Spain. This beautiful country is located in the southwest of Europe. The cities of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia are among the major cities of Spain. Its Mediterranean climate has always attracted many tourists. You can travel by ship to other European countries via the Mediterranean Sea. Students can also enjoy these beautiful beauties while studying.

In general, as regards Spain, we must say that in terms of security, it is a safe country. The quality of life in the country is high. In terms of health and sanitation, Spain has the highest standard of care and treatment. The people of this country have a lot of prosperity so that they enjoy a variety of entertainments with ease. Spain is famous for its vibrant nightlife, its active and energetic people are well-known for their warmth and hospitality. Living in Spain will be an unforgettable experience.

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